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soladeck combiner box

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  • What is a soladeck AC combiner?

  • It slides under the shingles to form a waterproof entry into the attic space for solar wires. Optional model SolaDeck AC Combiner has 240V breaker to combine MicroInverter AC strings.

  • What is soladeck?

  • SolaDeck is a PV wire enclosure and seamless flashed product all in one. It eliminates the multiple parts and respective labor typically needed to accomplish the roof penetration for a weather-tight wiring passageway into the home.

  • How many soladeck ER terminal blocks do I Need?

  • Two Soladeck ER Terminal Blocks are needed for each string passing through (one for positive wire, one for negative wire). The 0799 series enclosures can hold a maximum of 16 ER Terminal Blocks, which would allow pass-through of 8 circuits.

  • What is RSTC’s soladeck?

  • Based on the design of SolaDeck’s sister product, CommDeck, RSTC teamed with solar installation companies, consultants, and panel manufacturers to create this innovative solar power wiring enclosure. Read more about SolaDeck and their products on their website here.

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