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sma sunny beam manual

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  • Can I connect Sunny beam to my SMA Bluetooth product?

  • A connection to the Sunny Beam is not possible. 2 to 9 and A to F Bluetooth is switched on. The inverter or the SMA Bluetooth Repeater can interlink with all SMA Bluetooth products with the same NetID. SMA Solar Technology AG Commissioning User Manual BeamBT-BEN094911 19

  • What is sunny beam?

  • 2鈥係unny Beam with Bluetooth 2.1鈥侳ield of Application Sunny Beam is a communication device which requests, displays and saves data from up to 12 inverters in a Bluetooth PV system from SMA Solar Technology AG. Communication with the inverters takes place via Bluetooth.

  • What are the requirements for the Sunny beam to work?

  • 鈥?The ambient temperature must be between 0 C and +40 C. 鈥?The indoor location must have access to sunlight in order for the integrated solar cells of the Sunny Beam to be able to recharge themselves. 鈥?Protect the Sunny Beam from dust, wet conditions and caustic substances.

  • How do I use operation 25 in sunny beam?

  • Sunny Beam Manual Operation 25 Data View The Data View menu is us ed to select which items are to be di splayed. The chec k mark indicates that the item will be shown on the home screen. Use the knob to select and set the options to be displayed and then select Exit to return to the main menu.

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