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sma rapid shutdown

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The most simple and reliable rapid shutdown solution for residential systems usingSunny Boy inverters, the SMA Rapid Shutdown System includes hybrid switches for disconnecting with optimal long-term reliability, allowing for thousands of cycles without degradation.

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  • How is the rapid shutdown system supplied?

  • The Rapid Shutdown System is supplied via the PV array. If there is insufficient irradiation on the PV array, the supply voltage of the Rapid Shutdown System is too low and the function of the Rapid Shutdown System is not able to be checked.

  • Are SMA products compatible with sunspec certified shutdown devices?

  • Please refer to the compatibility document for updated information and specific model numbers. SMA residential solutions feature our proprietary ShadeFix technology paired with a SunSpec certified shutdown device, which third party testing has shown produces more power.

  • How do I wire a rapid shutdown box (RSC)?

  • If there is only one Rapid Shutdown Box in the system, plug the second five-pole plug into the upper row of the terminal block RSC and place a jumper wire between pins 3 and 4. Here, use a jumper wire that is rated for the maximum system voltages or insulate the jumper wire using a piece of one of the supplied silicone tubes.

  • What are the benefits of SMA inverters?

  • Discover a new level of PV performance. Profitable. Secure. Lucrative. Discover a new level of PV performance. SMA inverters paired with SunSpec certified rapid shutdown technology are the simplest, most reliable way to achieve compliance with NEC 2017 while producing more energy than traditional optimizers.

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