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  • What is a SMA object?

  • An object of class sma or ma, which contains the following output arguments: The coefficients of the fitted (standardised) major axes.

  • What is N-day simple moving average (SMA)?

  • A n-day simple moving avaerage (n-day SMA) is arithmetic average of prices of past n days: The following is an SMA function: Let us apply our function: In the TTR package, we can use SMA (): We can see that our code gives the same result. Buy signal arises when a short-run SMA crosses from below to above a long-run SMA.

  • What is the difference between Ma and SMA?

  • If SMA, standardized major axis, if MA, major axis, and if OLS, ordinary least squares. If several lines with common slope are to be compared, do you want to test for a change in ‘elevation’ or for a ‘shift’ along a common (S)MA. See Details. The error rate for confidence intervals. Typically 0.05.

  • What is the key function in smatr-package?

  • Neatly organized dataframe with coefficients by group. This is the key function in the smatr-package; all the key estimation and testing functionality in the package can all be accessed using this function, via different usages of the formula and other arguments, as described below.

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