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  • What is SMA Solar Academy?

  • The SMA Solar Academy offers a variety of application-oriented seminars and webinars covering topics including design, installation, commissioning and service for home, business, large-scale project and off-grid PV and storage solutions. Courses are offered at customer sites, online or at SMA鈥檚 state-of-the-art training facilities.

  • Do you know about SMA smart connected?

  • Do you know about SMA Smart Connected? SMA Smart Connected is the premium monitoring service for SMA inverters and SMA charging solutions. The inverter automatically sends any anomalies or errors to SMA Service and to you as the installer. If a device or component needs to be replaced, we will directly supply you with the appropriate product.

  • How do I purchase SMA charge s?

  • The e-product SMA Charge S gives you the possibility to enable the charging functionalities for e-mobility within the Data Manager M Lite. You want to purchase SMA Charge S? Then, please send us an email with your company address, name, personal email address and your contact details by clicking the button below.

  • What is SMA energy app?

  • SMA Energy App: The app for the energy transition at home and on the road. SMA Energy App: The app for the energy transition at home and on the road. My project. My profit. Our climate. Invest in solar power now and produce sustainable energy. SMA Service. Effective. Reliable. Profitable.

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