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SMA hybrid inverter makes solar energy use even more convenient for household The newSunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter from SMA Solar Technology AG(SMA) now expands the possibilities of the SMA Energy System Home.

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  • What is the SMA energy system?

  • The SMA Energy System enables conventional and renewable energy sources to be combined intelligently. Power plant projects wherever the utility grid is not available or provides an inadequate supply are a profitable and sustainable investment project for investors. Integrating solar power minimises fuel and maintenance costs. Hybrid.

  • How does the SMA hybrid controller work?

  • The SMA Hybrid Controller intelligently controls energy flows and enables seamless integration of renewable energies into power grids. With the new diesel-off function, it operates micro grids based entirely on renewable energies and keeps the utility grid stable even if strong fluctuations occur.

  • Why choose a diesel hybrid solution from SMA?

  • PV diesel hybrid solutions from SMA create independence from fossil fuels and reduce operating and maintenance costs. This is efficient, low maintenance and saves resources In the diesel-off mode, the diesel generators are switched off completely.

  • What happened to SMA鈥檚 inverter and storage combination?

  • Almost 10 years ago, SMA already ventured into this segment with this innovative inverter and storage combination. But it turned out that the market and the functions of the product were not yet ready.

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