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  • Who is sky power?

  • Sky Power GmbH is the leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and hybrid applications. In addition to its own development and manufacturing, Sky Power produces all engines in Germany.

  • Who is explore Skypower?

  • SkyPower has earned the enviable track record and global recognition as one of the largest and most successful independent power producers that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates utility-scale renewable power projects across the globe. Explore SkyPower 18+ Years Operation Established in 2003 in Toronto, Canada 25+ GWDC

  • Why invest in Skypower?

  • Under Kerry鈥檚 leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, SkyPower鈥檚 vibrant growth continues in more than 60 countries around the world, helping communities meet their increasing needs for new investment in cleaner, non- emitting solar energy solutions.

  • What are sky power engines used for?

  • Sky Power engines can also be used for pure power generation. In this case, only a generator is mounted to the engine, which produces the electricity and stores it in batteries. Sky Power engines can be used for various propulsion concepts of unmanned aerial systems.

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