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silfab solar sla310m

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  • Why choose silfab SLA solar panels?

  • The low-profile all-aluminum compressed frame of every Silfab SLA solar panel is designed for seamless roof integration and enhanced for strength and rigidity. The sleek frame design allows for faster snow shedding and clearing of dirt build-up.

  • What are silfab Prime series solar panels?

  • Silfab Prime Series panels are our core, premium, residential solar panel designed for homeowners who want a high-quality, strong-performing panel you can rely on. Beautiful black-on-black aesthetic complements any rooftop.

  • Why choose silfab’s SLA-m 310?

  • Seamless in appearance, Silfab’s sleek all black SLA-M 310 features black cells, frame and backsheet to provide a solar array as good looking as the house under it. Silfab produces some of the highest efficiency modules in the market without the new technology price premium attached.

  • What is the wind load and hail impact resistance of silfab solar panels?

  • Silfab solar panels are tested for wind load conditions up to 5400 Pa uplift and hail impact resistance up to 1 inch at 51.6 mph. We regularly test and select materials that will enhance the performance and durability of all of our solar panels.

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