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silfab slg370m

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  • What are silfab Elite series solar panels?

  • Silfab Elite Series panels are our more prestigious and deliver the highest efficiency of any solar panel manufactured exclusively in the US. The panel鈥檚 innovative conductive backsheet and integrated cell design replaces conventional design, allowing for more light to be collected and converted into energy.

  • Is the silfab SLG-m 75-cell monocrystalline module available out of stock?

  • Note: Out of Stock – See manufacturer for similar products. The Silfab SLG-M 75-cell monocrystalline module series is the result of the experience of the Silfab technical team, specialized in the entire photovolatic value chain, with modules produced and operating for over 33 years.

  • Why choose silfab commercial panels?

  • This back-contact technology aids in delivering the highest in performance, durability, and aesthetics to homeowners that expect the best. Silfab Commercial Series panels are designed and engineered to meet the needs of commercial projects where maximum power density is required.

  • What is the wind load and hail impact resistance of silfab solar panels?

  • Silfab solar panels are tested for wind load conditions up to 5400 Pa uplift and hail impact resistance up to 1 inch at 51.6 mph. We regularly test and select materials that will enhance the performance and durability of all of our solar panels.

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