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  • What is a shoal?

  • Kids Definition of shoal (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : a place where a sea, lake, or river is shallow 2 : a mound or ridge of sand just below the surface of the water

  • What is the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area?

  • The Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area includes the Tennessee River basin’s six counties in northwest Alabama. Its sites, buildings, homes, and artifacts tell the story of how the river and the people living alongside it have shaped our nation’s hi…

  • How does Shoals make money?

  • Shoals derives the majority of its revenues from selling “system solutions” which are complete EBOS systems that include several of its products, many of which are customized for the customer’s project.

  • Why choose shoals for your EBOS?

  • Shoals was founded to provide EBOS solutions that reduce installation costs and improve reliability and safety and it was the first company in the industry to successfully commercialize “plug-n-play” EBOS systems that use simple push connectors rather than the wire “crimps” used in conventional systems.

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