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  • Why Buy Sharp Solar panels?

  • Sharp solar panels qualify for Buy American. They provide outstanding power performance, warranty and a great value. Sharp solar panels offer a 10 year product warranty and 25 year power output and are backed by Sharp’s long standing reputation.

  • What type of wiring do Sharp Solar panels use?

  • Most Sharp solar panels utilize all-weather Multi-Contact (MC) Connector and cables to simplify installation wiring. MC cables are UL recognized and are the industry standard for PV module installation.

  • Is Sharp Solar’s 25-year warranty on power output reliable?

  • Sharp Solar’s 25-year limited warranty on power output is a promise you can trust. Sharp Solar hit a Fraunhofer-Institute-confirmed, world-record 44.4 percent for its triple-junction solar cell (at 302 suns) mid-2013.

  • Where is sharp energy solutions based?

  • The Sharp Energy Solutions team has been based in Hamburg, Germany for over 25 years now. Our Hamburg office is home to our Solar Service, Marketing, Sales, Sales Development, Sales Support, Product Engineering and Management Teams.

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