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  • Why Buy Sharp Solar panels?

  • Sharp solar panels qualify for Buy American. They provide outstanding power performance, warranty and a great value. Sharp solar panels offer a 10 year product warranty and 25 year power output and are backed by Sharp’s long standing reputation.

  • What type of wiring do Sharp Solar panels use?

  • Most Sharp solar panels utilize all-weather Multi-Contact (MC) Connector and cables to simplify installation wiring. MC cables are UL recognized and are the industry standard for PV module installation.

  • Is Sharp Solar’s 25-year warranty on power output reliable?

  • Sharp Solar’s 25-year limited warranty on power output is a promise you can trust. Sharp Solar hit a Fraunhofer-Institute-confirmed, world-record 44.4 percent for its triple-junction solar cell (at 302 suns) mid-2013.

  • What are sharp’s application areas?

  • Outer space has been the main application area for Sharp products so far but we are now looking to enter new markets for mobility, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs; drones), and electric cars (EVs). Like the field of space, these markets demand high quality, high performance, and long-term reliability.

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