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seattle city light appliance rebate

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  • What rebates does Seattle offer for energy-efficient appliances?

  • Seattle residents can cash in on one of the rebates being offered by Seattle City Light for new, energy efficient appliances, including refrigerators, clothes washers, ductless heat pumps and more. City Light has also worked with a number of retailers (pdf) to offer discounts on compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

  • What rebates does Seattle City Light offer for installing a heat pump?

  • Seattle City Light is offering up to $600 in rebates to contractors for the purchase of a high-efficiency heat pump. As a Seattle City Light ductless master installer, Evergreen receives an instant discount if the equipment is installed at a property served by Seattle City Light and meets the program’s energy efficiency requirements.

  • Do I need City Light pre-approval for the 2022 energy conservation rebates?

  • SEATTLE CITY LIGHT 2022 ENERGY CONSERVATION INCENTIVES Effective January 2022 COMMERCIAL REBATES Rebates listed below do not require City Light pre-approval.

  • What credits can I get for my Seattle City Light Bill?

  • If you are a tenant whose SPU services are paid by a Condo Home Owners Association (HOA) or landlord, but you still receive a Seattle City Light bill, then you can receive the following credits per month to your electric bill: All credits effective January 1, 2020 except for garbage and yard waste, which are effective April 1, 2020.

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