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schneider xw+ 5548 inverter

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  • Does Schneider make a 48V inverter?

  • So, exclusively, and ONLY from these specs for the XW+ 48 V family of inverters, on the Schneider Electric Site today, these are the specifications that Schneider is willing to back, at this time. This is all that I was referring to. Just trying to be clear, cannot make up this stuff. Simply TRYING to be clear. FWIW, Vic

  • What is the input voltage of the XW+ inverter?

  • For the XW+ inverter specs that I’ve looked at, the Inverter input voltage range is stated as 60 VDC for the 48V units. This may be a spec error, as this is essentially un-useable with Flooded, AGM, Edison, and probably other battery chemistries.

  • What is the output voltage of a sw4048 inverter?

  • Actually the SW inverters were 40 watt tare, but the new SW4048 is 28 watt tare, and all the XW series inverters are 24-28 watt tare, and look they go up to 64 volts. In the spec section of the above link, under Inverter Output, the Input voltage range is speced as 42 – 60 V.

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