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rs485 cable

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  • Why choose Belden RS-485 cable?

  • Belden offers the industry’s widest range of RS-485 cable options. From power limited tray cable (PLTC) and plenum (CMP) rated cable to low smoke zero halogen cable, you get the ideal solution for your automation network. The industrial RS-485 cables are designed with low capacitance, ideal for long distance applications.

  • What type of Ethernet cable is used for RS-485?

  • Inexpensive Ethernet cables (Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6) can, and are often, used for many short RS-485 networks. The typical capacitance of 15 pF/ft and a characteristic impedance of 100 ohms meet the electrical requirements for RS-485 cables, although impedances closer to 120 ohm are preferable for better matching.

  • What is RS-485 direct burial cable?

  • The Direct Burial RS485 cables also features sun and oil resistance as well as CM and PLTC ratings for use in a wide range of applications. Specifically designed with ratings to withstand exposure to water, fire and sunlight, the RS-485 Direct Burial cable is ideal for settings that require reliable performance underground.

  • How do RS-485 receivers deal with twisted pair signals?

  • As RS-485 receivers are designed to look for signals that are the opposite of each other, they can easily reject noise that is common to both. Depending on the geometry of the cable and the materials used in the insulation, twisted-pair wire will have a characteristic impedance associated with it that is usually specified by its manufacturer.

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