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rolls deep cycle battery

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  • Why choose rolls batteries?

  • Rolls Surrette is one of North America鈥檚 leading lead-acid battery manufacturers. Rolls Battery strength is in deep cycle battery applications where depth of cycle and long service life is important.

  • What kind of battery does rolls make for deep cycle?

  • 800 Cycles @ 50% D.O.D Rolls Battery has designed a premium Deep Cycle VRLA battery with high reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance. The Rolls AGM batteries are the smart choice for demanding recreational and industrial deep discharge applications.

  • Where are roll batteries made?

  • Rolls batteries are manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada by the Surrette battery company, who have been in the battery manufacturing business since 1935. Rolls batteries specialise in the production of deep cycle batteries for many market sectors and in particular Renewable Energy and Remote Stand By Power operations.

  • What kind of battery is a 4000 deep cycle?

  • Rolls Series 4000 Deep Cycle Batteries The Rolls series 4000 batteries are available in 2V, 6V or 12V configuration and offer a wide range of capacities. Used in a variety of applications including renewable energy systems, they have a long life expectancy and one of the longest warranty periods available.

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