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  • What is an alpha rec360aa solar panel?

  • REC Solar’s Alpha REC360AA solar panel is a revolutionary solar panel achieving incredible levels of efficiency, power, and strength. This reliable solar panel is ideal for homes or businesses requiring a very efficient, cost-effective solar panel that provides reliable power output. The world鈥檚 highest power 60-cell solar panel.

  • What is the Rec Alpha?

  • This is the REC Alpha; REC’s multiple award-winning family of trailblazing solar panels, empowering you to take full advantage of solar energy.

  • How does Rec work and what does it mean?

  • How does REC do it and what does it mean for you? A 6.1 kW installation (~16 x 380 Wp REC Alpha panels) creates over 7,200 kWh of clean energy per year. This cuts CO2 emissions of a home by 4.3 tons per year.

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