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rec 350 watt solar panels

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  • Why choose Rec Twinpeak rec350tp2s 72 solar panels?

  • REC Solar’s TwinPeak REC350TP2S 72 solar panels are premium solar panels with superior performance. The REC TwinPeak 2S 72 takes the power output of 72-cell multicrystalline panels to groundbreaking new heights with it’s twin panel design.

  • What are RecRec solar panels?

  • REC solar panels are installed on homes and used for utility-scale projects all over the world. Image source: REC Group REC Group is a solar panel manufacturer based in Norway, and since its founding in 1996, it has manufactured 38 million solar panels, generated 10 gigawatts of solar energy and provided 16+ million people with solar power.

  • What makes the Rec alpha solar panel so special?

  • The REC Alpha Series has heterojunction cell technology (HJT), which offers high energy coefficients and less power loss. This is what gives the Alpha its extremely impressive 380 watts of power A 25-year product warranty, including a guarantee of 92% power output after 25 years REC N-Peak solar panel.

  • What is the efficiency of REC Solar panels?

  • Solar panel efficiency is the percentage of energy the solar panels can absorb from the sun and turn into usable electricity. The industry average is between 15%-20%, meaning 15%-20% of the sun鈥檚 energy is converted to electricity. REC solar panels range in efficiency from about 17%-20% which puts them on the high end in terms of efficiency.

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