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radian gs4048a

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  • What is the radian gs4048a inverter/charger?

  • The OutBack Radian GS4048A Inverter/Charger provides a comprehensive answer for grid-interactive and standalone power systems. This hybrid inverter has a new Advanced Battery Charging profile option to support leading-edge battery technologies (such as Lithium-Ion and others) and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance.

  • What is the rated temperature of the gs4048a?

  • The GS4048A is derated by 40 VA per 1C. Figure 11 is a graph of wattage over temperature, showing the decrease in rated wattage with increased temperature. The graph ends at 50C (122F) because the Radian inverter is not rated for operation above that temperature.

  • What is the radian series inverter?

  • The Radian series is the newest inverter from Outback Power. Unlike other Outback models, the Radian is capable of 120/240 volts AC output using just a single unit.

  • What is the dual design on the gs8048a?

  • In the GS8048A, the dual design allows half the inverter to shut down for lower idle consumption when not in use. The Radian can deliver the rated wattage continuously at 25C.

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