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  • What is a quickmount shake Mount?

  • The QuickMount Classic Shake Mount uses patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology to form the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant and watertight mount available for solar panel installation on cedar shake roofs. Can I buy directly from QuickMount?

  • What is a quickmount cable fix?

  • The QuickMount mounting plates are available for a great variety of pedal formats and the range is continually updated to fit the models of most diverse pedal builders. RockBoard QuickMount Cable Fix – Cable Clips (5 pcs.) The RockBoard QuickMount Cable Fix was designed to keep your patch, signal and power cables together. This little cable clip…

  • Are quick mount PV trainings available?

  • Are Quick Mount PV trainings available? A: Yes. Training sessions are often available through webinars, or PowerPoint and hands-on presentations offered at distributor dealer trainings, trade shows, as a part of … Stay in Touch Quick Mount PV ph: 800-227-9523 fax: 510-259-9747

  • What is a RockBoard quickmount?

  • The RockBoard QuickMount mounting plates provide a well-engineered professional solution for mounting effects pedals to our pedalboards. QuickMount elements fasten tightly to withstand heaviest use and can be removed in seconds when you want to change your setup. Best of all, no permanent modifications are required to attach it to the pedal!

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