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  • What is a quickmount shake Mount?

  • The QuickMount Classic Shake Mount uses patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology to form the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant and watertight mount available for solar panel installation on cedar shake roofs. Can I buy directly from QuickMount?

  • Are quick mount PV trainings available?

  • Are Quick Mount PV trainings available? A: Yes. Training sessions are often available through webinars, or PowerPoint and hands-on presentations offered at distributor dealer trainings, trade shows, as a part of … Stay in Touch Quick Mount PV ph: 800-227-9523 fax: 510-259-9747

  • How long do quickmount flash mounts last?

  • All QuickMount flashed mounts are projected to last at least as long as the PV system and most roofs. QuickMount flashed mounts use heavy duty EPDM rubber, the roofing industry standard for UV resistance and durability, everywhere a watertight seal is required.

  • What racking systems work with quick mount PV products?

  • Here are a few of the racking systems that work with Quick Mount PV products: AET, DPW Power Rail, Everest Solar, HatiCon Solar, IronRidge, Mounting Systems, Polar Racking, ProSolar, PV Racking, Renusol, Schletter, S:Flex, SnapNrack, SolarWorld Sunfix plus, SunPower, Unirac, and Unistrut.

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