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  • Who is quickbolt?

  • QuickBOLT is a division of Quickscrews International Corporation started in 2009 in a response to the Great Recession. In 2011 our Founder Greg Wiener received his first Patent for a roof mounting structure. QuickBOLT has a wide range of innovative solar mounts for residential and commercial roofs.

  • Why choose kwikbolt鈥檚 aerospace fasteners?

  • Originally designed for Europe鈥檚 largest aerospace company, Kwikbolt鈥檚 aerospace fasteners鈥?product range has been developed to provide a complete single-sided temporary fastener solution for use in multiple industries.

  • Why choose quickbolt for roof hooks?

  • Starting with One Roof Hook, and growing to over 15 different Roof Hook profiles, QuickBOLT can provide excellent service throughout the continental United States.

  • What is quickbolting in h3vr?

  • You can help H3VR Wikia by uploading some images. Quickbolting is an ability to chamber Bolt-Action Rifles and Bolt-Action Pistols rapidly, without removing their grip from their firing hand. Quickbolting is unavailable on Anti-Material rifles or the Welrod .

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