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qcell 425w panels

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  • What are the specifications of the qcell 425w solar panel?

  • Specification Sheet: QCELL 425W Solar Panel Brand Qcells Model QCELL-425-72DUO_EA Maximum Power (Pmax) 425 W Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 41.39 V Maximum Power Current (Imp) 10.27 A 7 more rows …

  • Why choose q cells peak duo solar module?

  • The new Q. PEAK DUO solar module from Q CELLS impresses thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface.

  • What’s new at Q Cells?

  • The next big hit from Q CELLS: the Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9 solar module gives your solar array the optimum in performance and yield with excellent Q CELLS quality. We have bundled our Q CELLS know-how and equipped our patented Q.ANTUM Technology with a brand new cell connection that enables us to minimize the gaps between the cells.

  • Why choose Hanwha Q Cells?

  • Hanwha Q CELLS offers the full spectrum of photovoltaic products, applications and solutions, from modules to kits to systems to large scale solar power plants.

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