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q cell 425

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  • Why choose Q Cells?

  • Q CELLS is your partner for efficient delivery of turnkey solar power plants. Our award-winning and certified Q CELLS solar modules are engineered in Germany. We guarantee a superior product performance, highest yields, and proven product reliability. RELY ON THE TEST WINNER!

  • How much power does Q Cells produce?

  • In total, 510 Q.PEAK-G3 270 Wp from Q CELLS now produce clean electricity and significantly help the company to reduce its carbon footprint and to become more competitive. The Beacon Solar Energy Project is located in eastern Kern County at the western edge of California’s Mojave Desert.

  • What is QQ pro-g2 235?

  • Q.PRO-G2 235 ? Q.ANTUM TECHNOLOGY: LOW LEVELISED COST OF ELECTRICITY Higher yield per surface area, lower BOS costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rate of up to 20.1 %. INNOVATIVE ALL-WEATHER TECHNOLOGY Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour.

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