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  • What is the PVI-usb-rs485-232 signal converter?

  • The PVI-USB-RS485-232 signal converter is the entry-level tool for Power One Aurora inverters monitoring. The PVI-USB-RS485-232 is based on FTDI FT232RQ microcontroller, USB2.0 standard compatible. The variety of available drivers makes the converter suitable to be used with the most common OS.

  • Do I need a USB/RS-485 adapter to use the software?

  • Note that to actually use the software, a USB/RS-485 adapter must be connected to the inverter(s) and the inverter must have enough input voltage to power its communications circuitry. For more information please contact: www.abb.com/solarinverters

  • Where is the rs232/485 switch located?

  • RS232/485 switch is located on the side of chassis box. The black slide switch needs to be positioned to the left as shown (or positioned to the top of the device if not on its side). 8 Aurora Manager TL software and ABB PVI-USB-RS232_485 adapter | Installation and setup instruction

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