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prostar 15 solar charge controller user manual

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  • Is there a manual for the ProStar solar charge controller?

  • This manual contains important safety, installation, operating and maintenance instructions for the ProStar solar charge controller. The following symbols are used throughout this manual to indicate potentially dangerous conditions or mark important safety instructions:

  • Can I Disconnect the battery from the ProStar while it is charging?

  • CAUTION:Risk of Damage ONLY disconnect the battery from the ProStar AFTER the solar input has been disconnected. Damage to the controller may result if the battery is removed while the ProStar is charging. 鈥? To prevent damage, power-down must be done in the reverse order as power-up.

  • What should the battery voltage be on a Morningstar ProStar controller?

  • With a multi-meter, check the voltage at the battery terminals on the ProStar. Battery voltage must be 10 vdc or greater. If the voltage on the battery terminals of the controller is between 10 and 35 vdc, and no LEDs are lit, contact your authorized Morningstar dealer for service.

  • How does the ProStar limit the solar input current?

  • The ProStar will limit the solar input current if the heatsink temperature exceeds safe limits. Solar charge current will be de-rated (to 0 Amps if needed) to reduce the heatsink temperature. The ProStar is designed to operate at full rated current at the maximum rated ambient temperature.

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