Pros and Cons of solar energy lamp

Pros and Cons of solar energy lamp
Pros and Cons of solar energy lamp

Recent technological advancements have paved the way for the solar-powered rebirth of street lamps.

Solar energy lamps are elevated outdoor lighting fixtures powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are either attached to the lighting structure or the pole. The photovoltaic panels include a rechargeable battery that powers the fluorescent or LED lamp throughout the night. The majority of solar panels detect outdoor light automatically via a light source. These can produce light on successive nights even if the sun is not visible for a few days. Numerous users are now opting for solar street lights for a variety of reasons.

Solar energy lamps are a more affordable option than electrical fixtures, particularly for outdoor areas such as gardens and yards. The following section discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using solar lamps to help you save money on more expensive lighting.

Advantages of solar energy lamp

Quick Installation

Solar energy lamps are easy to install and require no new wiring. It requires only a concrete foundation and a battery pit. The installation does not require a significant amount of labor, materials, or financial resources.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Solar energy lamps convert sunlight to electricity without consuming any electricity. It produces no pollution or radiation, which is consistent with today’s environmental protection philosophy.

Secure and long-lasting

The traditional street lamp may contain hidden safety hazards as a result of poor construction quality, material aging, and power supply disorder; however, the solar street lamp does not use alternating current and thus does not contain hidden safety hazards. Due to mature manufacturing technology, the majority of solar modules on the market today have a minimum ten-year performance guarantee. They are capable of generating electricity for up to twenty-five years, if not longer.

High-tech and low-maintenance

The solar energy lamps, which are controlled by a solar charge controller, can adjust the light intensity in response to ambient light and human demand. Traditional street lamps have a high maintenance cost in remote areas. However, because solar street lights require only periodic inspection, their maintenance costs are relatively low.

Disadvantages of solar energy lamp

Expensive in comparison to conventional lighting

Solar energy lamps are more expensive to install than conventional street lights. People typically hesitate to invest in solar street lights due to this concern but fail to realize that the actual cost of solar street lights is significantly lower in the long run when electricity, operational, and maintenance costs are considered, as well as the longer life cycle of solar street lights.

Theft risk

Because the lamps are not wired and are more expensive, the risk of theft is greater than with conventional street lights. While there is no risk of cable theft, the luminaire and panel are easily stolen and have a relatively higher monetary value.

Occasional inspection when placed in extreme weather conditions

Solar energy lamps may perform poorly in extreme weather conditions, resulting in decreased energy production. On horizontal solar panels, snow, dust, or moisture can accumulate, impairing their performance. While users are always encouraged to install the panels at an angle to avoid water accumulation, it is also recommended to inspect the panels and other components of the light regularly to ensure the system’s longevity.

Battery replacement

In comparison to earlier generations of batteries, the lithium batteries used in solar street lights have a long life. Nonetheless, rechargeable batteries will eventually run out and will need to be replaced several times during the life of the solar street light fixture. When calculating the total investment required to purchase a solar street light, you must include the replacement cost as part of the maintenance cost.

Final Words

More and more people are switching to solar energy and taking a huge step towards being environment-friendly. The most common advantages and disadvantages of a solar energy lamp system have been laid out here. It is time that you understand both the pros and cons and decides whether it is worth investing in solar energy.

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