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power line carrier

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Power line carrier (PLC) describes the entire process of communication usinghigh-voltage powerlines as the means for transmission. Powerlines provide a reliable link because of their unusually rugged construction,and also offer freedom from restrictions imposed by common-carrier regulations.

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  • What is power line carrier communication used for?

  • For large power system power line carrier communication is used for data transmission as well as protection of transmission lines. Carrier current has a frequency range of 30 to 200 kHz in USA and 80 to 500 kHz in UK.

  • What is Lineline protection?

  • Line protection is often the most important and critical application for the power line carrier system. RFL鈥檚 PLC solutions are well into their fourth-generation, providing highly-reliable power system protection.

  • Are people leaving the power-line carrier industry?

  • Miriam P. Sanders Roger E. Ray Introduction While the application of Power-Line Carrier is not new to the power utility industry, the people who have historically worked on this type of equipment are leaving the industry, thereby creating a tremendous void in the expertise available.

  • What factors affect the reliability of a power line carrier channel?

  • Many factors will affect the reliability of a power line carrier (PLC) channel. The goal is to get a signal level to the remote terminal that is above the sensitivity of the receiver, and with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) well above the minimum, so that the receiver can make a correct decision based on the information transmitted.

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