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panasonic 330w ac

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  • Why choose Panasonic hit® N330 solar module?

  • Panasonic premium N330 solar module delivers greater power conversion and high-efficiency long term performance for every home. Over 40 years of solar research and development goes into every Panasonic HIT high efficiency home solar panel.

  • What is the product code for Panasonic vbhn330sa17e?

  • Panasonic VBHN330SA17E 330 Watt AC Solar Panel with Enphase IQ7X 320 Watt Micro Inverter – Black 40mm Frame Stock Status:(Out of Stock) Availability:Limited inventory. Call for availability. Product Code:PANASONIC-VBHN330SA17E Description Datasheet

  • What are Panasonic hit® AC modules?

  • Note: Out of Stock – See manufacturer for similar products. Panasonic HIT AC Modules combine the efficiency of HIT solar panels with the intelligence of seventh-generation Enphase IQ 7X Microinverters. Delivers a smart grid-ready module with high efficiency and high power output for residential solar systems.

  • What is the energy output of N330?

  • Featuring high output 19.7 module efficiency and 330 watts per panel, N330 provides an advanced renewable energy source with zero emissions. Greater power output with fewer panels.

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