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outback temperature sensor

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The OutBack Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) is anecessary tool for proper battery charging. All OutBack products with integrated battery charging have a temperature compensation system built in which benefits from the installation of the RTS (included with inverter/chargers).

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  • How do you test the temperature sensor?

  • But they are coming on pretty close to the normal point so there isn’t a strong case to suspect the sensor. In any event, the sensors can be tested by measuring their resistance (Ohms) at known temperatures, and comparing the readings against specifications; unfortunately, I don’t have the specs for your generation of Outback.

  • What is wrong with my subary Legacy Outback Limited 1999?

  • I have got Subary Legacy Outback Limited 1999. I would be very happy if you could help me in any way. Perhaps start by checking the wiring to the temperature sensor — perhaps the connector came off the sensor, or the wire is broken.

  • Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 Honda Accord?

  • I presume your car is a 1999, 2.5. If so, it has two sensors related to coolant temperature. Both are in the water (crossover) pipe, as shown in the attached diagram. One is for the instrument panel temperature gauge. The other goes to the engine control module and is used for fuel/emissions and radiator fan control.

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