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nyseg lighting rebates

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  • Does NYSEG offer rebates?

  • Rebate of up to $50 available to NYSEG residential gas and/or electric customers in New York. Limit: 2 thermostats per account per year. To apply for rebates, please continue to checkout. We will inform you of your eligibility before you complete your purchase.

  • What are the rebates for commercial and industrial lighting?

  • Commercial and Industrial Lighting and Controls Rebates 鈥擱ebates for installing energy-efficient lighting products, such as replacement tubes, screw-in and pin-based lamps, interior ambient fixtures, and more. Learn more.

  • What are PSEG Long Island lighting rebates?

  • PSEG Long Island Programs Incentives Lighting Rebates 鈥擜 variety of programs and rebates for installing high-efficiency lighting, including outdoor lighting, refrigerated case lighting, LED lamps, interior parking garage lighting fixtures, and more.

  • Who is eligible for the NYSEG nonresidential customer program?

  • This program is open to NYSEG nonresidential customers of all types, including: commercial, industrial, institutional, municipalities, agriculture, multifamily common areas, houses of worship, and more. Find more eligibility information.

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