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new york energy efficiency programs

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  • What is the new Efficiency: New York report?

  • The New Efficiency: New York report recommends a comprehensive mix of strategies to support building developers, commercial and institutional building owners, industrial facilities, and residential households to pursue improvements that reduce energy consumption across the State.

  • What is NYSERDA’s Energy Assistance Program?

  • NYSERDA offers a range of residential programs designed to help New York State residents identify areas where their homes are driving up energy costs and can provide assistance in completing energy efficiency improvements for a healthier, more comfortable home.

  • Who qualifies for the New York State home energy credit program?

  • New York State homeowners (single-family or multifamily home with up to four units) who meet credit qualifications Learn More . What is it? This program starts with a home energy assessment.

  • What is the home energy savings program?

  • The Home Energy Savings Program, a pay for performance initiative, is an innovative collaboration between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), New York utilities, energy efficiency service providers, and other supporting partners designed to transform investments in energy efficiency

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