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nec wire size

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Wire Size Wire Size = Load = ampacity =65.2 Amp = 81.5 Amp.8Use NEC 310-16,75C,THW,wire #4 wire has 85 amps Use #4 2 #4 and,1 #4 ground Circuit Breaker Sizing CB = Load = 65.2 Amp = 81.5 Amp.8.8 Next higher CB size is 90 Amp.

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  • How does the NEC cable sizing calculator work?

  • The cable sizing calculator uses the resistance and reactance values from Table 9 in chapter 9 of the NEC. The values in Table 9 is based om three single conductors in a conduit. The wire sizing calculator uses the resistance and reactance values from the PVC conduit column in chapter 9.

  • Do you meet the NEC minimums for conductor sizing?

  • If you correctly anticipate the ambient temperatures and perform the necessary ampacity adjustments, then you鈥檒l meet the NEC minimums for conductor sizing. From there, you can decide whether to allow for other considerations in making a final determination of conductor size.

  • How is the current rating selected in NEC 2017?

  • The current rating is selected from Table 310.15 (B) (16) and Table 310.15 (B) (17) in NEC 2017. The cable ratings in are based on an ambient temperature of 30C. The current rating is based on the insulation type. Only PVC and XLPE cables are considered. The current rating is also based on installation method.

  • What size conductors do I need for 110 14C?

  • Section 110-14(c) requires the circuit conductors to be sized according to the 60C column of Table 310-16 for equipment rated 100 amperes and less, unless marked otherwise, and equipment rated over 100 amperes must be sized to the 75C column of Table 310-16. Author鈥檚 Comment.

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