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nec conductor ampacity

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  • What is the ampacity of a conductor?

  • Author鈥檚 Comment. The ampacity of a conductor is it鈥檚 current rating in amperes that it can carry continuously, after applying conductor ampacity reduction factors for conductor bundling and ambient temperature.

  • How does the number of conductors in a raceway affect ampacity?

  • This heating is based on the number, location, and proximity of other conductors as well as the losses in the other conductors. The more conductors in the raceway, the greater the heating effect from these conductors is likely to be. This factor replaces the adjustment factors in 310.15(B)(2)(a) to the ampacity tables.

  • What are the National Electrical Code requirements for conductor sizing and protection?

  • The National Electrical Code requirements for conductor sizing and overcurrent protection have always been confusing and complex. Factors that must be consider include: 1. Continuous loads 2. Terminal temperature ratings 3. Conductor insulation 4. Conductor ampacity 5. Special application 6. System voltage

  • Can I use the ampacities shown in other wiring tables?

  • Clearly, the ampacities shown in other tables (such as Table 310.17) could be used for various conditions to which the wiring method is subject (ambient, ampacity correction, etc.), but the conductor size at the termination must be based on ampacities from Table 310.16.

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