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NEC NP 210+浜у搧绫诲瀷鏄?strong>鏁欒偛鎶曞奖鏈?/strong>锛屾姇褰辨妧鏈槸DLP銆?/div>NEC NP 210+_鐧惧害鐧剧 – Baidu Baike

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  • What’s new in 2020 NEC code 210 12 D?

  • The 2020 change of 210.12(D) also includes a modifica- tion of the means of protection that is compliant with the code. The first option in the 2017 NEConly allowed a listed combination-type AFCI located at the origin of the branch circuit.

  • What is the NEC 2020 NEC change?

  • 2020 NECChange: Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications 鈥?Dwelling Units, Dormitory Units, and Guest Rooms and Guest Suites.

  • What are the NEC requirements for electrical receptacles?

  • 2017 NECRequirement: All 125-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles installed in the locations specified in 210.8(A)(1) through (10) shall have ground-fault circuit- interrupter protection for personnel. 2020 NECChange:

  • What are the NEC requirements for 2017?

  • 2017 NECRequirement: (D). Replacements. Replacement of receptacles shall comply with 406.4(D)(1) through (D)(6), as applicable. Arc-fault circuit-interrupter type and ground-fault circuit- interrupter type receptacles shall be installed in a readily accessible location. (4) Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection.

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