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  • Why choose MTC cable phone?

  • MTC phone services offer crystal clear calling with rock-solid reliability and advanced performance. Plus, MTC Cable Phone offers unlimited long distance within the United States.

  • What does MTC do for You?

  • MTC is proud to offer reliable, high-speed internet access, cable television programming and local cable telephone services to the rural area residents and businesses of the Central Catskill region of Upstate New York.

  • What is multi cable&pipe transit?

  • MCT multi cable and pipe transit protecting people and the environment from harm. Multi cable pipe transits for marine and offshore applications. Multi cable pipe transits for buildings and land-based structures. Circular multi cable pipe transits for assembly in sleeves, pipes, drilled or cast holes.

  • What does MCT stand for?

  • MCT – Multi cable and pipe transit Multi cable and pipe transits The MCT Brattberg multi cable and pipe transit was patented in the early 1950s and since then has become the industry standard because of its high performance and safety features. Read more about MCT

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