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mission solar panel specs

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Mission Solar panels are manufactured to 3X IEC standards for longevity under harsh conditions. An outstanding5600 Pa snow load,175mph wind rating and over 18% efficiencyare what one would expect from a solar panel built in the USA. MSE365SQ9S

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  • What are mission Solar Energy鈥檚 solar panels?

  • Mission Solar Energy offers a wide variety of solar panels for grid-tied and off-grid solar installations. All of Mission鈥檚 modules contain p-type monocrystalline solar cells. All of their panels can be divided into three product lines: The MSE PERC 60 Black modules have power outputs ranging from 300 watts (W) to 325 W.

  • What is the mission solar module efficiency rating?

  • Mission Solar module efficiency ratings are in line with industry standards. All of their modules’ efficiency ratings range between 18% and 19.53%. While Mission Solar panels aren鈥檛 the highest efficiency panels you can buy, they鈥檙e still on the higher end of average solar panel efficiency.

  • What is the power tolerance of mission solar panels?

  • Mission Solar modules have a power tolerance of -0/+3%. So, at any point in time, a Mission Solar panel will at the very least be operating at its rated capacity, but it could operate as much as 3% higher than its rated capacity.

  • How much does it cost to install mission solar panels?

  • All of Mission Solar Energy鈥檚 solar panels are monocrystalline, with power output ratings ranging from 300 W to 390 W and efficiency ratings between 18% and 19.35%. You can expect to pay around $2.45 per watt when you install Mission Solar panels, which is a great price considering the quality and performance of Mission Solar panels.

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