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minnesota energy resources rebates

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  • What is the Minnesota Energy Resources tune-up rebate?

  • Therefore, Minnesota Energy Resources offer customers a $35 rebate when you hire a heating service professional to perform a tune-up for you. This rebate helps to ensure that your heating system operates optimally. It also helps to prevent any expensive repairs due to significant breakdowns.

  • What are the heating system rebates?

  • The heating system rebates are rebates that customers receive from Minnesota Energy Resources when they upgrade to more efficient heating systems. The customers may upgrade to the use of a natural gas boiler or furnace, install an energy-efficient fireplace, or connect an advanced or programable thermostat in their existing homes.

  • Are you eligible for a Minnesota Energy Resources washing machine rebate?

  • For you to qualify for rebate, Minnesota Energy Resources requires you to have a top-loading or front-loading washing machine that is ENERGY STAR certified. In addition to that, you must be using natural gas water heaters in your home to be eligible.

  • How can I get a rebate on my water heater?

  • Earn a rebate for installing a high-efficiency water heater. Get a rebate with the purchase and installation of a programmable, Wi-Fi enabled or advanced thermostat. Get a free water conservation kit to save costs on home water heating.

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