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  • What’s in the Milbank Quarterly?

  • The Milbank Quarterly is pleased to present this compilation of research articles, perspectives, and scholarly opinions published during the past two years, covering a wide range of population health issues.

  • Why hire Milbank?

  • Around the world, in industry after industry, Milbank鈥檚 outstanding record of making great things happen for clients has earned us consistently high rankings and myriad top awards. Accolades from publications like The American Lawyer, Chambers and International Financial Law Review attest to the firm鈥檚 well-deserved reputation.

  • Why join Milbank affinity?

  • As a global firm, we recognize that a diversity of perspectives strengthens our teams and benefits our clients. Our affinity group program provides a firmwide platform that fosters community and reinforces a culture of inclusion. Our women lawyers are critical to Milbank鈥檚 success and to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • What is the Milbank State Leadership Network and multipayer primary care network?

  • The Milbank State Leadership Network is a bipartisan, voluntary, self-governing group of state health policy leaders from both the executive and legislative branches. The Multipayer Primary Care Network is a voluntary group of leaders who are representatives of state- or region-based, multipayer, primary care transformation initiatives.

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