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midnite charge controller

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  • What is Midnite鈥檚 mnmppt60diy?

  • The MNMPPT60DIY is a powerful and flexible charge controller perfect for any 12V, 24V, or 48V battery system. With affordability, dependability and technical support a quick phone call away MidNite鈥檚 DIY line will make your next solar project a breeze! Check out this brochure on all the new products to be released by MidNite. New Products Brochure

  • What’s new at Midnite solar?

  • MidNite Solar has just added a new line of DIY Inverter and Charge Controllers. The DIY line comes with a warranty fully backed by MidNite and as always, the best technical support team in the business at an exceptional price.

  • What is a Midnite inverter?

  • MidNite inverter systems are a game changing innovation that will revolutionize system design and installation. The MNB17 is the most advanced battery based inverter/charger system ever devised and with eight patents pending, MidNite is the only manufacturer of a system like this.

  • What is the classic MPPT charge controller?

  • The Classic MPPT Charge Controller substantially increases the flexibility, features and range currently found on MPPT controllers. The Classic is the only MPPT controller that has Arc Fault Detection, making this controller the safest controller available.

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