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microinverter vs power optimizer

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Power optimizers dissipate less heat. Power optimizers are more efficient than microinverters since the heat generation associated with inversion is done in the inverter and not in the optimizer. SolarEdge power optimizers,for example,operate at 98.8% weighted efficiency. As a result,less heat is dissipated to the module (1.2%). Microinverters have lower efficiencies than power optimizers. The highest known efficiency of microinverter brands is 96%,meaning 4% heat dissipation to the module (figure 5). Higher efficiencies therefore improve both product and module lifetime and reliability.

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  • What are microinverters and power optimizers?

  • There are two types: microinverters and power optimizers, which are also called DC optimizers. With both types, each solar panel is paired with one electronics package that is bolted to the rack adjacent each panel. That means if your system has 20 solar panels on the roof, you will have 20 MLPE units on the roof.

  • What is a solar power optimizer?

  • Like microinverters, a power optimizer is a small electronics package that is bolted alongside each solar panel in the array. Because each solar panel has its own optimizer, partial shading across the system has much less of a negative impact. What are the benefits of MLPEs vs string inverters?

  • What is the difference between a microinverter and a string inverter?

  • Both microinverters and power optimizers have the following advantages over cheaper string inverters: Better shade tolerance. String inverter-based solar systems can suffer significant power reduction when the array is partially shaded. Both types of MLPEs skirt around this problem.

  • What is the best microinverter for your home?

  • Chilicon Power is another US-based company (California) that is making microinverters for the residential market. Their CP-250E microinverter is aimed at the residential market and handles panels up to 345W DC. It also comes with a 25 year warranty.

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