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master flash pipe flashing

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  • What is a Master Flash roof flashing?

  • This Master Flash (R) roof flashing is designed for installation on profiled roofs made of metal, plastic, tile, rubber membranes and more. The base is designed to form a seal on any panel configuration and roof pitch, regardless of pipe location. The Master Flash flashing can is entirely pliable, meaning that it won鈥檛 crack or break.

  • What is extreme angle Master Flash® pipe boot flashing?

  • The Extreme Angle Master Flash Pipe Boot Flashing is specifically designed for application to a metal roof with a 35 to 65 angle while still coping with commonly encountered pipe penetrations.

  • How do I select the correct master flash® for my pipe?

  • Check diameter of pipe. Select the appropriate Master Flash for pipe or duct diameter. For extreme pitch or surface irregularity select next larger size. Tensile Strength minimum鈥?Compression Set minimum鈥?Master Flash is a registered trademark of Aztec Washer.

  • Why choose our roof pipe flashings?

  • These Roof Pipe Flashings Are Compounded Specifically For Maximum Resistance To Weathering Due To Ozone And Ultraviolet Light. Easy On-site Customization Fast, One-piece Construction Allows For Easy On-site Installation Is Usually 5 Minutes.

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