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  • What kind of inverter does Magnum energy make?

  • Magnum Inverter/Chargers by Magnum Energy. MagnaSine pure sinewave inverter/chargers for 12, 24, 48 Volt DC, 120 240 Volt AC. Designed for general 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC or 48 Volt DC to AC conversion, Magnum inverters have models with 120 volt AC and/or 240 volt AC output.

  • Who is Magnum-dimensions?

  • Magnum-Dimensions brand began as two well-known inverter companies, 鈥淒imensions Inverters鈥?and 鈥淢agnum Energy鈥? Dimensions Inverters joined Sensata Technologies in 2007 and Magnum Energy in 2014.

  • Who is Magnum energy?

  • Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/chargers for Mobile, RV, Marine, Offgrid and Solar applications.

  • What kind of power does an inverter have?

  • Inverters provide quiet, convenient, and pollution free AC power. Magnum-Dimensions RE models ranging from our entry-level 600 watt MM-AE Series to the MS-PAE Series with up to a 17,600 watt output.

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