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magnum inverter customer service

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  • Do you service Xantrex and Magnum inverters?

  • We do complete repair and testing of most types of Xantrex and Magnum inverters. Our technicians will load test and confirm proper operation for both grid tie and off grid systems (including modified sine wave or pure sine wave types). We service most manufacturers model operating from 12, 24 or 48 V DC battery systems.

  • Are Magnum solar inverters any good?

  • Magnum solar inverters are compact, robust and easy to use. Magnum Energy is an experienced player in the field of solar inverters. The company was started in 2002. Its home is Everett, Washington, where the company鈥檚 products are still manufactured to this day.

  • Why choose Magnum utilities?

  • Magnum Utilities is a forward thinking, independent, agile innovator offering Meter Operator and Meter Asset Management services. With engineers operating across the entire country, from the north of Scotland to the south coast of England, Magnum is providing smart meter installation expertise to a growing number of energy supplier clients.

  • Is Magnum a good brand?

  • Magnum is mostly known for its inverters, but the company also manufactures chargers, breakers, junction boxes, etc. Many of the company鈥檚 devices are great for mobile applications: RV, boat and similar off-grid PV systems.

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