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  • Is the AT&T microcell phone still available?

  • ATT Wireless MicroCell was however discontinued at the end of 2018 when WiFi Calling became more popular. ATT Micro-Cell Limitations. ATT Micro Cell was designed to only handle 3G data speeds.

  • How do I activate and Manage my AT&T microcell?

  • Download the free ATT MicroCell app to activate and manage your MicroCell. Data rates may apply for app download and use. Don鈥檛 have an ATT MicroCell? Try Wi-Fi Calling 1 to talk and text in areas where it’s hard for even a strong cellular signal to reach. 1 Learn more about Wi-Fi Calling. Go to ATT MicroCell Online Management.

  • Is the AT&T microcell better than a signal booster?

  • That means you鈥檒l experience much better call quality than you would by using the ATT MicroCell. The ATT MicroCell only supported 3G service. Support for LTE means you can achieve significantly faster data rates with a signal booster than you would with the MicroCell.

  • What happens if you drop a call on AT&T microcell?

  • If a call is however dropped and then made again on the cellular network, the call will be billed against the wireless device’s service plan. If a call is started on the cellular network and the user moves into range of their ATT MicroCell, the call will not be transferred to the ATT MicroCell.

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