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  • Where are LONGi Solar products made?

  • As a leading global manufacturer, Longi Solar has headquarters in China and branches in Japan, Europe, North America, India, Malaysia, Australia and Africa. Learn more about Longi Solar on their website here.

  • Why choose LONGi Solar panels?

  • LONGi Solar Panels entered the Australian market in 2017 and have since captured a significant portion of market share. LONGi was the only Solar Panel manufacturer to be named as AAA-rated by the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings in the Q3 2020 rankings.

  • What are the most innovative solar panel manufacturers?

  • With a strong emphasis on research and development, LONGi Solar is arguably the most innovative solar panel manufacturer in the world. LONGi is well known for breaking world records in solar cell efficiency in quick succession. Between 2017 and 2018, it broke the world record three times in just five months.

  • What is the degradation rate of LONGi Solar panels?

  • Slower Power Degradation LONGi Solar Panels retain more power capacity through their lifetime with a warrantied degradation rate of 0.55% per year for the Mono module and 0.45% per year for the Bifacial module compared to a traditional degradation rate of 0.7%.

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