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lithium battery boxes

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  • What are the best battery boxes for lithium batteries?

  • Our new range of Ardent Battery Boxes are perfect for lithium batteries and are tier-one quality at the best price. Ardent battery boxes are a heavy duty battery box that allows you to turn any type of deep cycle battery into a portable power station !

  • What is a lithiumsafe battery box?

  • Made from galvanised or stainless steel, and with our highly advanced fire insulation materials incorporated, the LithiumSafe Battery Box is a heavy-duty fire and explosion containment system. This makes the LithiumSafe battery box the ideal solution for safely storing, charging and transporting lithium ion batteries.

  • What is a battery box?

  • Battery Boxes. When a battery needs to be left outside or is exposed to water or other elements the box creates a protective seal. This seal also protects against sunlight, rain, dirt, oil, and gasoline. Battery boxes typically have two parts: a base and a lid. The base prevents batteries from shifting and collects any spilled acid.

  • What is the best way to package lithium batteries for transport?

  • Our UN approved Lithium Battery packaging is suitable for the shipment of Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries via any mode of transport. Our packaging solutions for lithium batteries include: 4DV Plywood Boxes, ideal for lithium batteries over 12kg.

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