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  • What kind of battery is the LG Resu 10h Prime?

  • RESU10H Prime | LG Home Battery RESU10H Prime Part of the latest generation 3 series in the LG RESU line-up. The RESU10H Prime is a 9.6 kWh, 400V energy storage solution compactly designed to store and provide energy from your PV solar panels and utility grid.

  • Who is LG Energy Solution?

  • Unlike most home battery makers, LG Energy Solution is a global battery cell manufacturer, manufacturing the battery cells that go in the home battery. LG Energy Solution is a profitable company, expected to reach USD 27B revenue in 2024.

  • How do I replace the battery in my LG es?

  • LG ES has already started contacting the owners of the batteries with instructions, but battery owners, installers and distributors who would like additional information should call LG ES’ help line listed at the end of the FAQ. LG ES will work to arrange a replacement schedule that is convenient for you.

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