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jinko solar panel degradation

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Jinko offers a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year power output guarantee. Annual linear degradation over 30 years is indicated at0.40%while degradation for the first year of the panel鈥檚 lifetime is capped at less than 1%.

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  • How well do Jinko Solar panels perform?

  • Jinko Solar has performed very well in the last five years of testing, achieving a 鈥楾op performer鈥?rating every year to be ranked as number 1 among the highest performing module鈥檚 in the group with no severe degradation or failures.

  • What is the warranty on a JinkoSolar panel?

  • Warranty 鈥?Lastly, JinkoSolar offers a typical, 10-year materials warranty against any defects in their solar panels. This is normal, but some other manufacturers offer up to 25-year warranties. Is JinkoSolar right for you? Overall, JinkoSolar has a wide range of good quality solar panels.

  • How many solar panels did JinkoSolar ship in 2017?

  • In 2017 alone, they shipped an incredible 9.81 GW of solar modules. As JinkoSolar gains popularity in the US, consumers are starting to gain interest and want to see how these panels compare with the rest of the market.

  • What is the Jinko panel range?

  • The Jinko panel range comprises of the following: Solar installers would typically describe Jinko Solar as providing good entry-level, cost-effective panels. Like most competing manufacturers, Jinko produces panels based on regular mono PERC cells using P-type silicon.

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