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jinko 410w

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  • What is the Jinko panel range?

  • The Jinko panel range comprises of the following: Solar installers would typically describe Jinko Solar as providing good entry-level, cost-effective panels. Like most competing manufacturers, Jinko produces panels based on regular mono PERC cells using P-type silicon.

  • What are Jinko Solar panels?

  • Like most large PV manufacturers, Jinko offers a range of panels designed for either residential, commercial, or utility-scale solar installations. They can also tailor panel designs and formats to suit specific applications if required for larger MW scale systems. The Jinko panel range comprises of the following:

  • What is Jinko’s high-performance cell technology?

  • More recently, Jinko pushed into the high-performance category with the release of the Tiger series built on the higher-purity N-type cells.

  • How do I contact Jinko Solar customer service?

  • Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 – All Jinko Solar systems can be custom designed. Contact us for sales, latest low price and expert assistance with the Jinko Eagle 72 410W G2 solar panel.

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